little millie: haarband : mint


haarband met strik (haarband is nylon en past zich perfect aan aan het hoofdje van je kind

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It all started when…

My daughter Millie was born. Millie, who now is almost 4 years old is an amazing kid. She is strong willed, adventurous, curious about everything!! She has her own opinion, confident  and loves to be outdoors.. But which 4 year old isn’t, right?

When her hair started to grow and I could start buying her hair accessories, I was disappointed by the limited variety, bright colors and most of all low quality of available hair accessories on the market.. That’s when I started to make them myself.

That’s when Little Millie was born!

I have so much fun creating beautiful accessories for your babes and I am so happy to see our items on your free spirited babes.

Thank you for supporting my small bussiness.

Love, Isabelle